Most popular genres of flash games

      Flash games are a game that does not require installation. Flash technology was developed by Macromedia in 1996. It was after this development that it became possible to create interesting applications. With the development of the Internet and the ability to play online, the popularity of flash games has been gaining momentum. Over time, the games began to be divided into different categories and genres.
      Further in the article we list the genres that are most popular among users, and a complete list of all genres, by the way, dear users, can try on yourself.
      Common genres:

  • Arcade. A game with simple controls that does not require the player to have specific knowledge and skills, except dexterity and speed of reaction.
  • Adventure. The most popular genre in fans of flash games. The main task in this game is to go through all the levels with the main character.
  • Race. Games in which the player can feel like a real rider, not only on the car, but also on a motorcycle and other vehicles.
  • Fighting. The genre appeared in the 70’s, and still does not lose its popularity.
  • Games for children. Bright and interesting games, help to attract any kid.
  • Quests. Games in which you must search for various items, thereby moving to the next level.
  • Classic games. Games that were popular in the era of game consoles (tetris, labyrinth, etc.).
  • Flying cars. Let you feel like an airplane pilot or even a flying saucer.
  • Brain teaser. Games that help not only relax, but also further develop logical thinking and memory.
  • Desktop. These include all well-known checkers, chess, puzzles and others.
  • Roleplaying. Games in which you must create and develop your character, performing various tasks.
  • Sports. These are simulations of sports games (football, hockey, etc.).
  • Strategies. To achieve a certain goal, it will be necessary to independently develop a strategy and an action plan. The player can feel like a real commander-in-chief or manager.
  • Shooting. Here you need a reaction, accurate calculations and speed. Then the player can become a real sniper.

Flash games will not only help pass the time, but also be distracted, and relax after a day’s work.