Papa’s Games Family Friendly Restaurant Arcade

Papa’s Games features a large selection of family-friendly flash games. All of these games have a food theme and feature Papa Loui. There are two major types of games found here, restaurant management games, where you cook and run your own restaurant, and side-scrolling adventure type games. We will look at both of these game types below. All of the games are also available on Android and Apple mobile devices.

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Most popular genres of flash games

      Flash games are a game that does not require installation. Flash technology was developed by Macromedia in 1996. It was after this development that it became possible to create interesting applications. With the development of the Internet and the ability to play online, the popularity of flash games has been gaining momentum. Over time, the games began to be divided into different categories and genres.
      Further in the article we list the genres that are most popular among users, and a complete list of all genres, by the way, dear users, can try on yourself.
      Common genres:

  • Arcade. A game with simple controls that does not require the player to have specific knowledge and skills, except dexterity and speed of reaction.
  • Adventure. The most popular genre in fans of flash games. The main task in this game is to go through all the levels with the main character.
  • Race. Games in which the player can feel like a real rider, not only on the car, but also on a motorcycle and other vehicles.
  • Fighting. The genre appeared in the 70’s, and still does not lose its popularity.
  • Games for children. Bright and interesting games, help to attract any kid.
  • Quests. Games in which you must search for various items, thereby moving to the next level.
  • Classic games. Games that were popular in the era of game consoles (tetris, labyrinth, etc.).
  • Flying cars. Let you feel like an airplane pilot or even a flying saucer.
  • Brain teaser. Games that help not only relax, but also further develop logical thinking and memory.
  • Desktop. These include all well-known checkers, chess, puzzles and others.
  • Roleplaying. Games in which you must create and develop your character, performing various tasks.
  • Sports. These are simulations of sports games (football, hockey, etc.).
  • Strategies. To achieve a certain goal, it will be necessary to independently develop a strategy and an action plan. The player can feel like a real commander-in-chief or manager.
  • Shooting. Here you need a reaction, accurate calculations and speed. Then the player can become a real sniper.

Flash games will not only help pass the time, but also be distracted, and relax after a day’s work.

Online games for boys

       To date, the computer games industry is more developed than ever. It’s a great way of spending time, rest and leisure. It is not customary to consider computer games as something malicious and much less vicious. Games are good at developing logic, thinking, reaction. Especially in this respect, the children’s games have distinguished themselves, in particular, games for boys.
      Every boy always chooses a “man’s” game for himself. For example, here are collected the best of the best games for boys. Of course, the first in the list of such games are the race. What can be more exciting than winding trails, spectacular turns, drift and pumped cars? Boys are waiting for strong and worthy rivals on the night streets of the largest megacities and in the boundless sands of deserts. In the abundance of racing games, both a beginner and an experienced rider will find a game that reveals all the driving skills.
      Separately, you can and should be allocated so-called “shooters”. Games on the military theme will allow the boy to be a tanker or a sharp sniper. Shooters on the theme of space are not only brave battles for saving a planet. These are dangerous trips to distant stars and unexplored worlds. You can be a cowboy and a robot, shoot zombies and mutants, fight monsters and aliens.
      For more quiet children and for younger children, the choice is also quite good. Excellent game development such games as chess, 8 queens, spots. For the development of visual memory – mahjong, puzzles and other board games. By the way, among the desktop there are many games for two. Boys play fully with balls, pebbles, farms and games with the heroes of your favorite cartoons. For particularly diligent and inquisitive – puzzle games, tasks with shifting of matches, 100 doors, Sudoku, 2048 and search for differences.
      Do not bypass the online strategy. Create whole states with a developed economy, a strong and well-prepared army, defend and expand the boundaries of their possessions. You cannot miss any aspect of development, then and only then your creation will be successful and certainly lead to success.

Free online games: racing, strategy, for children

       To date, online games an integral part of almost every person. They help to relieve stress after a working day, take a break at lunch time, pass the evening and just have a good time. It’s a great way to relax on a long trip or to take a baby. Adults and children, boys and girls – all can pick up the game to your taste.

Strategy Games

      Do you like to command, control everything that happens around or feel like a commander of a great army? Then this direction is for you. Any planning lover has an extensive list for searching among turn-based strategies, real-time strategies and also strategies in mixed genres. For today, strategies are whole unique worlds, unique characters and each time new stories.

Racing Games

      Cannot you sit still, like movement, speed and drive? Then remember your childhood and play in the race. Complex and interesting trails, an opportunity to improve transport while passing the mission are good old traditions of racing. There is everything here – funny quad bike races, mountain passes for motorcycles, the ability to drive a steep car in a skid and just get away from cops. Perhaps, one of the biggest collections with races is here

Games for children

      Considerable popularity is also acquired by thematic games for children. For example, girls can get a pet and take care of them. They can feel like a princess or mistress, trying on different roles and trying themselves in different spheres. Games for girls allow you to show imagination and positive emotions, because you can open a virtual beauty salon or clothing store. Do not stand aside and the developers of games for boys. Class cars, overcoming 3D trails, the driver can choose a favorite character or super-hero. Also, exciting shooters and shooters are available, the boy will learn to understand weapons of different caliber, shoot at hordes of zombies, robots and other monsters. A lot of games are available in the “for two” mode, any boy can invite a friend and feel the spirit of competition to the full.

The most unusual online racing games

       Every child loves games. Someone likes active games with peers on the street, and someone prefers to play at home without an extra company, someone likes to collect puzzles, and someone likes to shoot at monsters and drive cars. If you are a tomboy from the last, then specifically for them there is an excellent site ‘’, which contains the best race games. And about the most unusual will be discussed in this article.

Racing in the desert of Mars

       This is a very amusing space game in which the child will not have to chase with other typewriters. Its four-wheeled transport will easily plow the expanses of the red planet, regardless of the most terrible weather conditions – cold, dust storms. Even with zero visibility, you will need to perform tasks for a while. Two game modes will not let you get bored. In the first, you can freely travel and carefully consider every corner of the planet, preparing to be populated by earthlings, and in the second it will be necessary to collect 10 transmitters as soon as possible. This is a great game for preschool kids.

Accidents on the machines

     It is a very fast game, requiring concentration of attention, good reaction and ability to make quick decisions. The road survey is small, which greatly increases the chances of damaging the car and smashing a foreign car whose speed is much lower than yours. On the way there are bonuses in the form of nitro speed and time, plus for every five thousand yards passed, 30 seconds of bonus time are given. This is very addictive game.

18-wheeled truck

      This is a very addictive game, the continuation of the famous and no less addictive game. It is necessary to park the truck, having previously chosen the color and picture of the huge car. The mini-map opened by the M key will be shown, in the game the red arrow will tell you which direction to move. To break a car should not be, it is by no means immortal. I’ll have to do everything carefully, so as not to touch moving cars and parked trucks. Management requires accuracy. This game is a good one for diligent guys.

World of Tanks: game review

      World of Tanks, one of the most popular shareware online games, whose servers literally burst from playing people, continues to win the hearts of gamers around the world. Let’s consider the reasons for the popularity:

  1. First of all – free of charge and the absence of a clear advantage of the player paying the player not paying. For money you, of course, can buy a tank of high level, but without experience you cannot pump it. In general, paying money, traveling and crumbling everyone who is on free tanks, will not work. In addition, most of the tanks are opened only by your sweat and the crew’s blood, that is, by experience.
  2. The uniqueness of this genre. This is the first game of this kind, where, as the main characters, not long ago bored elves with orcs or brave commandos with equally brave terrorists, and severe military machines and not even fantastic, but existing in reality and participating in real battles (except for those realized in game of never released prototypes). And, yes, they are also big and iron. Agree, somehow warms the soul, when driving past a wooden house you inadvertently carry it into chips. Just remember the ancient Monster Truck Madness. And, if you think about it, the theme of tanks is close to the heart of a Russian man, because our grandparents protected our fatherland on the same machines.
  3. Relative simplicity of gameplay. It will not be difficult to get into the basics of the gameplay of the game. It would seem that everything is simple – you go, shoot the enemy, the enemy shoots you. But the most interesting will begin when you tear off the cover of this apparent simplicity and begin to delve into the nuances of the mechanics and ballistics of the game and the secrets of tactics. That’s when you will be delayed.

      World of Tanks, in spite of everything, makes a rather pleasant impression and just wildly delays. If you start playing, in a week you will begin to understand Soviet tanks, use words such as ARTA, firefly, gold, and so on, in strange variations for the ordinary person’s hearing, and sincerely enjoy buying new war machines.