Free online games: racing, strategy, for children

       To date, online games an integral part of almost every person. They help to relieve stress after a working day, take a break at lunch time, pass the evening and just have a good time. It’s a great way to relax on a long trip or to take a baby. Adults and children, boys and girls – all can pick up the game to your taste.

Strategy Games

      Do you like to command, control everything that happens around or feel like a commander of a great army? Then this direction is for you. Any planning lover has an extensive list for searching among turn-based strategies, real-time strategies and also strategies in mixed genres. For today, strategies are whole unique worlds, unique characters and each time new stories.

Racing Games

      Cannot you sit still, like movement, speed and drive? Then remember your childhood and play in the race. Complex and interesting trails, an opportunity to improve transport while passing the mission are good old traditions of racing. There is everything here – funny quad bike races, mountain passes for motorcycles, the ability to drive a steep car in a skid and just get away from cops. Perhaps, one of the biggest collections with races is here

Games for children

      Considerable popularity is also acquired by thematic games for children. For example, girls can get a pet and take care of them. They can feel like a princess or mistress, trying on different roles and trying themselves in different spheres. Games for girls allow you to show imagination and positive emotions, because you can open a virtual beauty salon or clothing store. Do not stand aside and the developers of games for boys. Class cars, overcoming 3D trails, the driver can choose a favorite character or super-hero. Also, exciting shooters and shooters are available, the boy will learn to understand weapons of different caliber, shoot at hordes of zombies, robots and other monsters. A lot of games are available in the “for two” mode, any boy can invite a friend and feel the spirit of competition to the full.